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Live Dragon Tiger

Playing dragon and tiger is very simple. The game is similar to baccarat and is sometimes referred to as a two-card version of baccarat. The tiger and dragon are ancient symbols of yin and yang, forces that combine to make up the universe. The dragon is a mythical creature, and in ancient Chinese philosophy, it is an animal that reigns over the heavens, essentially being the yang. 

The tiger represents the yin; a tiger in Chinese culture is one of the mightiest creatures on earth, a fearless animal. The two animals have been paired together in ancient Chinese mythology. The dragon is associated with spring and the emperor, and the tiger is associated with autumn and symbolizes safety. 

In Malaysia, the live dragon tiger game has popularity has grown a leaps the tiger is the national animal of Malaysia. In Malaysian culture, the dragon is depicted as a benevolent creature. 

 Live dragon tiger entails two competing cards, which are dealt on a table, one side representing the tiger and the other representing the dragon in Live Casino Malaysia. Players must place a bet on the side that gets the highest card or on a tie. If the game ends in a tie, half of the bet is returned to the player, and they get a payout of 11:1.

Live dragon tiger looks like a simplified version of baccarat, and it is not a surprise that baccarat is one of East Asia’s most popular casino games. Dragon tiger is very easy to play and has a low house, given the results are dragon, win tiger, or tie. The game is considered one of the most interactive games to play. Players bet on which position will have the highest card, the dragon or tiger.

How to Play Live Dragon Tiger as player

Playing live dragon tiger is simple; you select your bet size and decide whether to bet on the dragon the tiger or the match ends in a tie. Simply put, you are backing which of the two players will receive the higher card value. The live dealer will deal one card face-up to each player using an eight-standard deck of 52 cards. 

The player must place a wager before a round being on the dragon position, tiger position, or for a tie; the p. year with the highest cards wins. The match is a tie if the dragon and tiger positions have the same value. In terms of card value, the ace is the lowes,t, i.e., the other rank as in poker, so 2 through 9, 10, j, q, and k.

If you placed the bet on the dragon or the tiger, you get,t a 1:1 payback. If y reflect a tie and win, you get an 11:1 payout. If the game ends in a tie and you backed either the dragon or the tiger,r you get half your bet back.

When playing live dragon tiger, you will see odds for a suited tie, with both players’ cards having the same value and suit like two 3’s diamonds. The payout for this is 50:1. The odds of a 50:1 payout are slim; the house edge on this particular bet is 13.98%. In some variants of dragon tiger, there are more betting options. 

For example, in some versions of the game, you can bet dragons and tigers are in red or black suits. You can also bet that the card is even or odd or that the dragon or the tiger will be below 7 or above 7; if the score ends up being seven, all the bets lose. Some live casinos allow you to back one card being red, the other black, and one being odd and the other even.

Ultimately the game is won if your initial bet has the highest card value among the two positions. Remember that the ace card has the lowest value, and the king card has the highest value. The live dealer version only allows you to play for real money, as the game is not available in free-to-play mode. Finding the right bet amount will ensure you have the best dragon tiger betting experience. When betting live on a dragon tiger, there are three main bets to keep track of, dragon, tiger, and tie. The dragon tiger win probability is 46.26%.

Live Dragon Tiger Rules from dealer

  • The first rule to remember in a live dragon tiger is that you can either bet on the dragon position, tiger position, or a tie.
  • The ace card has the lowest value, while the king has the highest value. The increasing rank of the card is Ace, 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10, J, Q, and K.
  • The cards are drawn from a shoe containing 6 to 8 shuffled decks of cards.
  • When all the players have placed their bets on their preferred position, the live dealer draws one card and places it on the dragon, followed by the tiger on the box on the table.
  • Dragon tiger is played only against the dealer, and each player on a table has a set of tiger dragon and tie boxes.
  • A player wins the game when their position or box choice has the card of the highest value than the other set. For example, if the dragon position has a Q card and the tiger position has six cards, the player betting on the dragon position wins.
  • Players can place a bet on a tie; placing a bet on a tie indicates that the player predicts that both the cards drawn will be of the same value.
  • The payout on the winning on both sets is 1x the initial bet amount 
  • In cases of a tie, the player gets back 50% of their initial bet amount and an additional payout that is 10x  of the tie bet amount.

Live Dragon tiger game-winning card tricks

Playing dragon tiger is simple like Live Poker, but the strategy can help increase your winning chances and decrease your potential losses. One can use a couple of strategies in the live dragon tiger game. 

The first strategy is to never bet on the tie and the suited tie. The odds look attractive, but they have a severe—House edge. Players should back the dragon or tiger positions, they only give a 1:1 payout, but you get the half stake back if the game ends in a tie. in this way, you are relying on a nice run of results over a given session to make a profit. Players who bet on ties are extremely unlikely to win; only 6488 of the total 86 320 hand combinations are qualifying ties.

If the live dragon tiger game you’re playing has additional side bets, avoid the high or low bets because a seven will forfeit all bets. Instead, go for the red or black, which is a 1:1 bet.

One of the best strategies in live dragon tiger games is card counting. The easiest way to count cards is to give cards a +1, a – 1, or a 0, depending on the card’s value. A player should count each card that is dealt and continue to count until there is a shuffle. If your running count is positive, you will have an advantage over the house. If it is negative, the house has the advantage. Being able to track cards could give you an advantage in knowing how many high and low cards remain in the shoe.

Study the game’s payout. Players should be aware of the game’s payouts before playing, as Live Casino Online Malaysia have different payouts. Pick the online casino that offers the best payout. Consider looking for casinos that give out bonuses when you play dragon and tiger.

Keeping track of your budget is another good strategy to maximize your winnings. Live dragon tiger is a fast-paced game; hence it may make some players rack off their bankroll and time. It is very strategic to know when to call it a day, when you reach your budget limit, or when you hit a good profit.

Live game pattern and side bets

The game pattern is similar to baccarat, but dragon tiger is easy to understand due to the game’s simple rules. However, following a pattern of dragon tigers can lead to losses. For example, the tiger has won 4 times in a row, which does not ensure it will win the 5th  time in a row. Regardless of the outcomes of the prior positions, the chances of each hand are the same, so when playing, always remember that following a pattern won’t work.

Live Game Dragon Tiger Providers

Live casinos have become advanced and provide fully immersive real-life gambling experiences. Providers of live casino games are many in the industry. Here are some of the providers of live dragon tiger games in Malaysia.

Evolution Gaming

Playing live dragon tiger at evolution gaming is a unique amazing experience. The game was launched in 2018 and has garnered many fans, especially in east Asia.  The game is easy to play and captivating. Dragon tiger is a fast-paced game, each round taking about 25 seconds. The game is fast and perfect for new and experienced players. The game is set in an impressive themed background and has special light effects to depict game outcomes. 

The live dealers at evolution gaming are stunning and professionally go about their duties. Players can engage the live dealer in conversation via chat. The user interface includes a full range of statistics and roads to assist players in predicting the outcomes of future rounds. Evolution gaming allows two side bets. The tie bet, regardless of the suit, pays 11: 1 and the suited tie net with a payout of 50:1. When it comes to video performance evolution, gaming offers players the option of choosing between classic and 3D viewing modes. These camera modes enable the player to view the table cards and the live dealer.


Betgames live dragon tiger has to be the simplest and easiest of its live casino to grasp and play. The side bet pays even money 1:1. All side bets at Betgames live casino lose if the winning number is a 7. The live casino offers roadmaps on the history of the shoe as it has been dealt with. 

They are the same as the ones produced for baccarat and read the same way. Betgames provides a full-screen playing interface and mixed playing mode to cater to player viewing needs. The video and audio quality of the provider are great. Betgames has some of the most professional live dealers in the industry. The live dealers are super friendly and engage with players freely.


Live dragon tiger is one of the many live dealer games offered by Ezugi. The game is to play and is fast-paced. Live dragon tiger at Ezugi is brought to you live from their LATAM studio. Enzugi released the game in 2017, and it provides a quality feed. The game is very popular in east Asia.

 Players can play the games on their desktop and mobile devices. The best payout for a live dragon tiger is 1:1 for the dragon and tiger position and 8:1 for the tie position. Side bets get 3:1 for a suit, odd/even get 1; one payout and big/small bets get a 1;1 payout. The live dealers at Izumi studios are very professional and offer good customer service. A live chat is also available, enabling players to engage the dealer anytime.


Microgaming is another great live casino provider. The provider is a pioneer in live casino games; they provide a high-quality feed. Live dragon tiger at Microgaming has 96.27% RTP and 53.73 % hit frequency. The table game is suitable for high roller and casual players.

Players can enjoy the game on desktop and mobile devices. Microgaming has an in-game feature that allows you to keep track of stats, improve gameplay, and predict future game round outcomes. You can place regular and side bets such as odd/even, red/black, and big/small.

Live Dragon Tiger Bonus Offers.

Many live casinos offer various bonuses for players seeking to live dragon tigers. Players in Malaysia can expect a welcome bonus when they join an online casino to play a live dragon tiger. Some casinos offer special bonuses for playing live dragons, such as cashback casino bonuses. Players who enjoy playing should be on the lookout for casino tournaments that come with awesome prizes. Players who join VIP programs of various online casinos also get special bonuses and rewards.


Live dragon tiger is one of Asia’s most popular live casino games. The reason for its popularity to the fact that it is easy to learn and play. The game is fast-paced hence very engaging, and its unpredictability makes it one the most exciting games to play. Within minutes a player can figure out the game and how to get the most out of it.  The game has a low house edge, and players of any level can participate, from high rollers and casual ones. It is perfect for players who don’t want to engage in high-risk casino games.

When playing a live dragon tiger at a Live Casino Malaysia Free MYR, you are treated by the best in the business when it comes to living dealers. The dealers employed by the various live studios are trained thoroughly and extensively, giving them the professionalism required to make the game enticing. 

Live dragon is a fun and unique table card game. The game is played in some of the best visually pleasing studios in the online casino industry. Players can also chat with the live dealer. The game has few variants and bonuses, but it is easy to understand rules and fast-paced.


What is a Live Dragon Tiger?

Live dragon tiger is a live table casino game similar to baccarat but easier and more of a fast-action card game. The players must choose between the dragon and tiger card options on the table for the game to begin. Each hand is dealt only one card, and players wager on which of the two will be higher. Standard Dragon and Tiger bets pay even amounts of money. The game interface displays a comprehensive set of statistics similar to Baccarat, thus allowing players to forecast the outcome of future rounds.  The game is played live on betting sites. The dragon and tiger are used due to the game’s popularity in Asian countries. 

After baccarat, the dragon tiger is Malaysia’s most popular online casino game. The main reason for its success in live casino Malaysia is that it’s very simple to play, and the instructions are straightforward. The live dragon tiger game allows punters to enjoy the game without putting too much thought into it while their chances of winning are still favorable. This means that they can become winners without having too much experience in gambling hence why it has become very popular amongst Malaysian punters. This easily makes the live dragon tiger game one of the most straightforward games in online gambling. The popularity of the live dragon tiger game will only get bigger in the Malaysian market because even beginners can try out the game. 

Where to find trusted Live Dragon Tiger?

Several online casinos offer dragon tiger games leaving players with options. When players want to place side bets on the live dragon tiger game, they are advised to choose casinos that provide the Playtech Dragon Tiger. If the players do not want to place side bets or want to bet on suited ties, then their best choice should be casinos providing Evolution Gaming Dragon Tiger. 

Live casinos that offer Playtech Dragon Tiger casino include Bet365, which offers a signing bonus to new customers. Betfair, where players can enjoy welcome bonuses, 888casino guarantees faster payouts and multiple deposit options. These online casinos have put in measures to ensure that players’ privacy and security are adhered to. The Evolution Gaming Dragon Tiger casinos include William Hill Casino and Unibet casino 888 casinos also offer Evolution gaming live dragon tiger casinos. These casinos guarantee punters of a good gaming experience while at the same time protected.

What are the dragon tiger's game-winning tricks?

Because the game statistics are reset with each hand, both options always offer the same odds, so the players are free to go with whatever side they think will be lucky. The only way to win here is to be lucky with your guesses. However, the odds are always stacked against the player, so the longer one plays, statistically, the more you will lose. Because players in this game do not compete against the dealer, it is always best to understand a few factors before diving in. 

The strategies may be limited, but the few discussed here come in handy every time if they are used correctly. The most straightforward strategy is to bet on the Dragon or the Tiger. If a player is confident enough, they can count cards to determine how many high and low-value cards remain in the deck. This allows them to plan their next move. Because there are only four suits, keeping track of them is also a good strategy. 

How do I win the Live Dragon Tiger game?

In this game, almost anyone has a chance to win. Winning is easy once the rules are clearly understood. The game is simple, but that doesn’t mean it should be taken lightly. Because it involves comparing two cards, players must be aware of the value of their cards to place bets. Focusing on Tiger or Dragon bets is one of the best ways to win in this game because the house edge on these two bets is very low. Compared to the other bets, the odds of winning are much higher.