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Roulette is wildly popular across Live Casino Malaysia. The game has a rich history dating back to the 18th century. Its origin is believed to be in the early French civilizations. In fact, the word Roulette means ‘Little Wheel’ in French. 

The game has undergone various transformations since its invention. Its transformations are reflective of technological changes and evolving player demands. As such, the ever-changing player tastes and preferences compel developers to adapt the roulette table to ensure cross-generational appeal. 

The advent of the internet age has played a critical role in roulette transformations. In the early days, one had to travel to far-flung physical casinos to place their stakes on a roulette wheel. Fast forward to 2022; you can enjoy live dealer roulette in your house and stand a chance of beating the house when playing with real money. 

So what has changed? The introduction of the internet age led to the implosion of online casinos. In Malaysia, for instance, gamblers have an illimitable number of online live casinos to choose from. The upshot of online casinos democratized the game development and designing market. To date, we have innumerable software developers supplying the market with cutting-edge games, including various roulette variants. The increase in developers was logically informed by the rising demand for internet-based casino games. 

Brief Explanation of Roulette Game

Before diving deep into live roulette and its popularity in Malaysian online casinos, let us understand the basics of the game. Typically, roulette is a wheel-based table game whose popularity in Malaysia and elsewhere cannot be overemphasized. Its gameplay is simple. 

Players place their betting chips on a specially designated roulette table to predict the soot or number in which the ball will fall once the roulette wheel stops spinning. Luck significantly determines your wins. Nevertheless, experts and experienced players propose some systems and strategies, which we shall discuss later in this article which can potentially broaden your winning chances.

Roulette Objective

The main roulette variants have a wheel with 37 or 38 numbers or slots. The European variant has 37 numbers _ 1-36 plus a zero (0). The American roulette table has 38 numbers/slots _1-36, plus a zero (0) and double zero (00). Players place their bet chips on these numbers or slots. They can bet on a single number, a group of numbers, high or low, odd or even, black or red, etc. 

The croupier spins the wheel and throws the roulette ball into the spin. When the ball falls into a slot (s) or number (s) as predicted by a player, they are paid accordingly. The table is cleared of any other bets before the next round starts. 

How Do the Live Roulette Games Work?

Now that you have a basic understanding of how Roulette games look and the objective, it is high time you graduate more exciting Live Casino Roulette Malaysia, live dealer roulette. The first step to playing live roulette is understanding how live casinos work. 

The difference between a live dealer casino and a regular RNG casino is that the former offers a more realistic experience. Although both offer an immersive gaming experience, you will realize the operators of live casinos try to blur the line between virtual and physical casino experiences. Live casinos incorporate advanced technology, including live casino software, to offer games in an environment that mimics a real casino in every aspect. 

There may be no universally binding live casino definition, but they are identifiable by considering their salient features in games like live roulette. Ordinarily,  a live roulette casino may be likened to a webcast of a physical casino where a croupier throws the roulette ball on the roulette table and spins the roulette wheel. The game continues as you follow everything through a live stream from a casino studio. You can see everything happening because live cameras bring live action from the casino’s live lobby. 

Unlike a regular online casino, live roulette Malaysia does not entirely depend on a Random Number Generator to determine and display the game’s outcome. Instead, live roulette games have a live studio that hosts in-person dealers as they carry out their duties. Everything takes place in the full glare of cameras, allowing players to interact with the dealers personally. Players have a chance to see every move leading to the announcement of the winner. 

When playing online live casino Malaysia roulette, you play against a real dealer. Therefore, you must match their skills instead of competing with AI in a typical video casino. Notably, the live roulette dealer software is what sets it apart. For example, the Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software. 

Play a Wide Range of Live Roulette Games

In the early days, Roulette enthusiasts identified themselves with two main categories; the European and American variants. The introduction of virtual gambling opened a floodgate of variants as developers creatively created games that appeal to various player segments. 

The live dealer roulette games are equally many. Gameplay is similar across them, but some elements are different, as noted in the following types. 

Immersive Roulette

Immersive Roulette is a trademark of Evolution gaming in the context of live casinos in Malaysia and beyond. It provides an authentic and exciting live dealer experience. It is considered a premium quality game that draws Malaysian Roulette gamblers into action. 

The game features multiple Hollywood-like angular cameras bringing you up close to the action table. Players can see and follow all moments in 200 frames per second. The video stream is in HD, and you can reset the game to slow motion to get a clear view of the winning numbers or colors when the ball comes to rest. 

Apart from the clear-cut stunning visuals, the game has a European roulette table. It has numbers 1-36 and a single zero (0) slot. You can place the usual outside bets, and returns are relatively sweet owing to the low house edge. Bet limits depend on the online live casino Malaysia platform that you play on. 

The best feature of this immersive Evolution game is that it is optimized for mobile access. You can enjoy it on the go via a mobile app or play it on a desktop, and you will get a similar excitement. 

Double Ball Roulette

The double ball roulette live is available and supplied to your best Malaysian casino by Evolution Gaming. A live croupier fires two balls on the roulette table. Betting and rules are similar to other variants. However, there is an enhanced bet where players place stakes on the two balls falling on the same number. 

If you are lucky to get the two balls stopping on your predicted numbers, you will likely win a record-shattering payout because the payout ratio for such an outcome is 1,300:1. 


Auto-roulette live is meant for Malaysian gamblers with an eye for bigger wins like Live Sic Bo. It is a variant of European Roulette with comparably fast-paced action on the wheel. Evolution Gaming’s Auto-Roulette is capable of offering up to 80 rounds per hour, so you can imagine how fast the wheel spins. Unlike other live roulette variants by this designer, Auto-Roulette is more of a virtual game than an authentic, realistic game. 

We perceive the Auto-Roulette game as less sociable because it does not feature a live dealer. It is ideal for high rollers who want to play as many games as possible during a given session. The game offers VIP limits and is considered high-stakes live Roulette because stakes can go to as high as MYR 20,000. 

Auto Roulette table takes after the typical Europen Roulette offering numbers 1-36 and a zero slot. Usual bets in the game include inside and outside bets. As you would expect, simplistic bets of odds or even high or low, red or black, constitute most bets because of their impressive return to player in previous rounds. 

Betting involves placing the chip denominations on the table and dragging them to numbers or spots where you think the rotating ball will stop. The game will shoot the ball when you are done with placing your chips. You can follow live as the ball rotates. If it falls on your selected number(s), you win big because of the game’s mega stakes.

Speed Roulette

You can play speed Roulette courtesy of the Playtech live Roulette Casino platform. Insiders or experienced players describe it as fast and furious because there is no hanging around or waiting for longer periods between spins. The game is designed to play 25% faster than typical roulette games, virtual or live. 

There are a few additions to the game. It follows the typical European roulette wheel gameplay with 37 numbers or spots. The croupier stands behind the betting table as the player directly streams the HD live video game from Playtech’s studios. 

You will realize slight changes in the colors of the game. For instance, the betting table is blue, and you can place bets on usual straight-ups, reds or blacks, high or low, odd or even, etc. You can see the roulette wheel to the left of your screen. A history panel can be seen above it, displaying the outcome of the previous 6 games. The game is also ideal for high rollers because it allows stakes of up to MYR 10,000. 

Future of Live Roulette

Taking the dealer’s table from physical casino floors to virtual places was a defining moment in the global gambling industry. The move brought many gamblers, including Malaysians, into the gambling arena. 

From the initial launch of the internet-based casino roughly two decades ago, the industry and supportive technologies have grown by leaps and bounds, bringing cutting-edge inventions and innovations. Millions of global players have also embraced the industry-shaping technologies that take credit for the increased gaming possibilities, enhanced gameplay, and mobile-optimized gaming. 

The introduction of live lobbies offering games like Live Roulette was an unforeseen development. It brings real-life aspects to virtual gaming spaces. You can see real croupiers spinning the roulette table as you wait for the outcome with bated breath. 

Going forward, live roulette and live casinos will offer better realistic experiences. Gaming companies, including those present in Malaysia, are continually investing in future-looking technologies, some of which we highlight below. 

Adoption of Blockchain and Bitcoin in Live Roulette

The advent of blockchain-backed currency has had a tremendous effect on Live Casino Online Malaysia and live dealer roulette, to be specific. More and more casinos will likely be rolling crypto-specific live roulette variants owing to the benefits associated with cryptos. 

Bitcoin and a range of other blockchain-based currencies have enhanced security features. They also promote privacy as payments are end-to-end; thus, exposure of your personally identifiable information or transaction details is minimal. Live roulette players also enjoy faster transactions and cheaper rates associated with digital currency transfers.

Integration of Virtual Reality and Metaverse

Live roulette providers are known to offer immersive, realistic experiences. The introduction of VR, AR, and metaverse aspects into iGaming will undoubtedly offer another defining moment in the sector. Degrees of authenticity and realism will certainly peak with such technologies. Players can interact virtually and compete against each other in real-time on the same physical casino table.

Enhanced and Faster Gaming Speeds Because of 5G Roll Out

The rollout of 5G internet speeds will significantly affect Live Roulette casinos in Malaysia. 5G break-neck speeds ensure zero latency meaning your live roulette loads instantly. High-quality videos can be streamed with zero lags on player mobile devices.

Enhanced OCR Software

Optical Character Recognition software is central to the live streaming of live casino games, including Live Roulette. It converts images or text into data casinos use to bring you to live action from their studios. When playing Live Roulette, OCR technology is crucial as it helps keep track of the wheel numbers and displays the winning numbers or spots through a dedicated video stream. 

Top Live Roulette Software Providers

Top Live Roulette Software Providers

Here are the top software providers for live casino streams in Malaysia.

Evolution Gaming

Without a doubt, Evolution Gaming has a hallmark in the world of live casino gaming. It is a top provider of live casino games in Malaysia. Evolution Gaming was founded in 2006, just when online casino gaming was gathering roots worldwide. Since then, it has developed a considerable portfolio, including a variety of live games that appeal to various audiences. It takes pride in delivering incredible classic table games, poker variations, blackjack, and baccarat versions.

Moreover, Evolution is considered a legend with its immersive live roulette variations. Speed roulette, double ball roulette, and Auto-roulette are some of the top selections the developer supplies to the Malaysian live lobby operators. 

Evolution Gaming, the industry leader in live games, specializes in this style. Instead of generating RNG products, it just works to give players the best live casino experience possible. This strategy has helped the business win numerous accolades and solidify its place as the top choice for all discerning fans of real-dealer gambling.


NetEnt is a well-known brand in the Malaysian iGaming sector. This online gaming software developer has a massive selection of live roulette games. It also supplies a variety of games to web-based casinos, including top-notch live games with clear audio so that players may experience a casino environment in the comfort of their homes.

 This provider is, without a doubt, one of the most renowned live casino software suppliers on the planet due to the company’s abundance of experience in the industry and its reputation for producing high-quality software. You can interact with its live roulette games across casinos like 96Ace, Dafabet, and Me88. 

Their dealers are all well-groomed, practical, and very polished. The company was established in 1996, making it one of the industry’s pioneers. Therefore, it is not surprising that they provide the most immersive games for Malaysian live casinos and worldwide. 


Playtech is already a household name among Malaysian online casino gamers. The company takes pride in its over 20 years of experience supplying the industry with cutting-edge virtual and live casino software. You can expect the portfolio’s quality because the company designers have polished their skills with customer-responsive games. 

The UK Gambling Commission and the MGA authorize the company’s top games; thus, they are fair, and you can have fun playing them for real money or free play. The quality of the company’s live games is simply outstanding, thanks to its cutting-edge software. It is no surprise that many of the top Malaysian online gaming sites in the world employ Playtech’s software.

Any Malaysian online casino you visit will likely feature Playtech live games such as High-Stakes Live Roulette. Basic games like video poker, slots, and table games are available in its catalog. Summarily, Playtech provides a wide selection of live dealer games, including table games, video blackjack, and roulette. 

What Makes the Best Live Roulette?

As we note in this article, there are various variants of this game. Settling on one depends on the player’s tastes and preferences. As you dig deeper into the game, you will also note that creative designers add an extra thrill to the game because of the cosmetics they incorporate. The eye-catching graphics, numerous bet options, high-quality video streams, and well-lit casino studios are some of the considerations they leverage to impress gamers. 

While on a general scale, these are weighty factors, live roulette platforms are keen on the following. 

  • More realistic experience. Live dealer games exist to blur the line between reality and virtual experiences. The best live roulette provider will, thus, outcompete others by offering a variant that brings the action closer to people with HD live streams and communicative dealers. 
  • The best live roulette ought to have accommodative betting options. The outside bets – Red/Black, High/Low, Odd/Even, Column bets, and Dozen should be present. High rollers prefer inside bets. Although relatively risky, they are associated with better payouts. They include Straight Up, Split, Corner, Line bets, and Five Number bets, to mention just a few. 


What is the best live dealer casino software for roulette?

Live dealer casino software helps bring quality gameplay streams to the player’s mobile or desktop. The Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and Game Control Unit (GCU) software are central to casino live streams. Of course, they are aided by high-quality cameras that capture the live dealer as he goes on with the game.

Which is the best live roulette software?

Various live casinos have different innovations that help broadcast their live roulette variants in real time. The central software, however, is the OCR and GCU. You can refer to our reviews of how live casinos work to see how this software works. You are likely to interact with such software when you play live games from Evolution Gaming, Playtech, WM Casino, Asia Gaming, and NetEnt, to mention only a few. 

Does Live roulette have real dealers?

Yes, the essence of live roulette is to mimic the physical casino dealer and bring you that immersive, authentic, and realistic experience at home. The dealers broadcast and spin the ball directly from their studio as you watch everything. As opposed to winnings dependent on computerized spins, the live dealer rolls the ball as follows developments via a live stream.

What are the rules of live roulette?

The rules will depend on which table you are playing on. The European wheel has 37 numbers or spots on which you can place your chips. The American wheel has 38 numbers owing to the double zero spots. Besides, various casinos have different wagering limits in Malaysia. Nevertheless, the main rule is to predict the number (s), color (s), or spots where the ball shall come to a halt once the croupier throws it on the wheel. 

Where can I play Live Roulette?

There are innumerable online casinos in Malaysia where you can have fun playing the best live Roulette versions. You can try Me88, BK8, 96Ace, AW88, Bet365, and Don99. These are among the top-notch casinos with breathtaking live lobbies offering live roulette variants.