10 Winning Tips For Live Casino Roulette Malaysia (Trusted)

Live Casino Roulette Malaysia

Roulette is among the most played table games in Malaysia. It is fun to play, given the fact that players have the option for free and real-money versions. Coincidentally, it is among the earliest games that graced the brick-and-mortar casino floors. Resultantly, it is rich in both history and variations that ensure intergenerational appeal Live Casino Roulette Malaysia.

This article will give expert-tested tips on how to win big playing the game’s live variant, which has lately become the craving of every table gambler in Malaysia and beyond. Before explaining the most-sought after tips, we will highlight what Roulette is all about, how to play, the common variants to look forward to in this region, and the basic rules players should grasp. 

Enjoy the journey as we expertly and step-wise sail you from amateur to pro roulette gambler with well-curated tips and strategies. 

What is Live Roulette

Roulette games are popular worldwide. We are strongly convinced that the simplicity of rules and procedures is why players, newbies, and experienced ones are attracted to the game. Eben so, before we explain what live Roulette online is, we are compelled to define its simplistic form because this is where the former stems from. 

Live Roulette game was coined from the French word ‘Roulette,’ which means a little wheel. Thus a roulette game features a wheel placed on a table. The wheel has numbers 0 to 36; this version is called the European Roulette. You could encounter another variant with ‘0’ and ‘00’ and other normally sequenced numbers up to 36, resulting in 37 numbers. It is the American version in this case. 

While these are the main simplistic variants, we will discuss numerous other online roulette live versions in this article. Nevertheless, the rules, procedures, and steps are largely and universally similar. 

You are ready to begin playing after purchasing roulette chips in various denominations, depending on your casino of choice. The numbers are alternately colored black and red. You are required to place your chips on various number(s) at which you predict the ball will stop. A croupier will then start spinning a rotating ball. 

If the ball stops on your predicted numbers or colored spots, you become the lucky winner. 

This is basically what the game entails. However, with the live option, you will enjoy the thrill of real-time thrills. You place your chips on a live game, and the croupier spins the ball live as you follow its next stop on your phone or desktop. 

Online Roulette Live is more fun as it mimics the real game experience in a physical casino. You can view how the dealer spins the ball, the winning history display, and the high-quality lighting and graphics that tickle your gaming instincts. 

The Winning Tips for Live Casino Roulette Malaysia 2022

You might be tempted to think such a simplistic game does not require strategies or tips. Nevertheless, experts have proven some workable tips that can eat on the house edge, leaving you with broader chances of winning. These include 

Use the Malaysia Live Casino Roulette Games Bonus

It is undoubtful that live casino Malaysia online platforms account for the skyrocketing uptake of virtual-based gambling products and services. The thin line separating real casino floors and the virtual experience offers a compelling excitement that draws many Malaysians into live online casinos. 

As the embrace of live casino games takes shape, casino operators leverage this development by tailoring bonuses around them. To this end, many live casino roulette Malaysia gambling sites offer plummy bonuses to hook players increasingly gravitating towards live-streamed games. 

If you take your time to study some of the casinos we highlight below; you will have the upper hand in boosting your bankrolls because they have bespoke bonuses targeting gamers with a taste for live dealer games. 

  • Don99 – Offers a massive welcome bonus, typically a cash match of 100%. New Malaysian gamblers can use this bonus and apply its rewards in the live lobby section. It also provides no deposit bonuses with rewards ranging between MYR 20 and 50. Visit their promo page and know how easily you can apply them on live games. 
  • BK8 – This leading live casino has incredible promos for live gaming enthusiasts. Experienced players flock to it to enjoy various giveaways which improve their wagers. For instance, when were writing this review, they were running an exclusive live bonus _ Live Baccarat Prosperous 8 Lucky Streak. This bonus rewards live baccarat players who win at least 8x on any live baccarat variant. The minimum total qualifying bet is MYR 1,000, which can earn you a bonus of MYR 188. The maximum qualifying bet is MYR 88,888 and can earn you a free bonus of up to MYR 1,888. 
  • AW8 – Players have numerous bonus and gaming options in this top-rated Malaysian live casino. Roulette online lovers, in particular, enjoy the welcome bonus and other bonuses, including the daily rebate promo. 

Try the Most Played Roulette Online Games Malaysia

Obviously; there is a reason why players prefer some variants over others. Mathematical odds of winning are a great influencer of the choices players make. As such, choosing a roulette game with better winning chances is advisable, which by default becomes the most played. 

You may ask which Roulette online real money variant is most played or which has a smaller house edge. Consider the following house edge comparisons. 

  • American Roulette Table Odds – The American Roulette table has 37 numbers owing to a double zero 00) on top of a single zero (0) spot. Universally, the theoretical house edge in this variant is 5.26%. 
  • European Roulette- This variant does not feature the double zero spot. Lesser numbers result in a comparably lesser and favorable house edge of 2.7%. 

It is imperative to weigh in on such considerations because a lower house edge means you have better chances of winning. Therefore, it is likely most players in Malaysia prefer the European table. 

Learn Roulette RNGs from Trusted Game Developers

Gambling integrity is universal metric experts look at before recommending a game. Currently, Malaysia is witnessing what is describable as the scramble for the ripe market. Foreign operators are targeting the expanding market with many casino sites and limitless casino game options. Unfortunately, we have in the midst of these operators unscrupulous ones who might fraudulently get away with your hard-earned bankroll owing to manipulated RNGs. 

We advise you keenly research the player reviews and the casino operator before signing up for real-money gambling. If you suspect that a live roulette site is reluctant to showcase its licensing authority or regulator, this is a sufficient red flag. Its Random Number Generator or the winner-determining algorithm might have a default setting that confers an undue advantage to the house. For this reason, we implore our readers to limit their gambling to licensed roulette online real money sites only. 

Besides, look into the list of suppliers. Are they sufficiently robust to supply well-audited games? As you ponder the answer, consider playing live games from Playtech, Microgaming, Asia Gaming, WM Casino, Evolution Gaming, Ezugi, and Gameplay Interactive. These are some renowned developers with decades-long of designing fair and reputable casino gaming software. 

In terms of licensing, you can go for games offered by casinos licensed by various regulators promoting fair and responsible gambling for years. Malta Gaming Authority (MGA), eGaming Curacao, and Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR) are some brands to look for. Their seal of approval indicates the games available are tested beyond a reasonable doubt; thus, you shouldn’t worry about your real cash wagers. 

Live roulette games

Play At Top-Recommended Real Money Roulette App

Now that you are aware of the factors that prominently influence your chances of winning, you should settle on your preferred live casino lobby and try the game. Of course, the virtual options are more fun as casinos continue to invest in breath-taking live streaming apps and studios. Besides, the graphics and innovative roulette table designs offer a thrilling atmosphere for players to relish roulette ball spins and the ultimate likelihood of a payout. 

If you look forward to such a spectacular gambling experience in Malaysia, we have a few recommendations that will quench your gaming thirst in style. 


Genesis casino is a brilliantly designed Live Casino Online Malaysia offering well-spread casino options for Malaysians. The Maltese-based MGA licenses it. Thus, players are assured of safety, fairness, and variety when playing the online money game Malaysia. 

Genesis Casino has an impressive mobile interface. With its games playable from a range of preferred portable devices_tablets and smartphones, Malaysians undoubtedly fancy on-the-go experiences here. Perhaps, it is because the mobile-optimized website guarantees smoothness, efficiency, and quality gaming rounds. 

Although the casino does not have a downloadable app, the website has excellent navigational features. Their live roulettes studio is also excellent because the multi-angle cameras give you a wider and clearer view of the table and dealer. 

Games choices are easy.  When signed into their accounts, Genesis Casino players can click on their game of choice, which effortlessly pops up. Switching from one variant to another is easy via the dashboard dice icon at the top-right corner. 

Certainly, you will fall in love with the live games section. Nevertheless, ensure your device’s internet connection is stable if you find yourself here. A steady connection ensures faster loading times and prevents time lag when the dealer gets into action

888 Casino

888 casino Malaysia website offers a compelling mobile experience and live gaming experience. Gamers can instantly play their best live games with a few clicks on their mobile devices. With an Android or iOS device, the interactive user interface allows gamers to select among its +1,500 titles, including live roulette from Playtech, Evolution Gaming, and WM Casino among others. 

Besides, casino 888 live lobby is a great way to break boredom on your mobile. The lovely croupiers bring their top dealing skills to your home. Undoubtedly, the immersive experience here mimics authentic real gambling on casino floors. Clicking on the section, a range of top choices pops up on your screen. They include

  • XL Roulette
  • Roulette 12
  • Lightning Roulette 
  • Powerup Roulette
  • XXXtreme Lightning Roulette

Bit Starz

Bit Starz is an award-winning online casino offering Malaysians thousands of game titles. It has a Curacao eGaming license. Real money live roulette gamblers can, therefore, place real money stakes without fearing them going into the drains of the unscrupulous operator. 

The casino is well-known for allowing crypto-gambling. In addition, its roulette versions stand out. You can play them on the go as the website is mobile-optimized. 

The live roulette section is packed with a plethora of exotic variants. As such,  roulette enthusiasts rarely get bored because options are limitless. 

Here are the common selections

  • Speed Roulette
  • Auto Roulette 1
  • Immersive Roulette
  • Turkish Lightning Roulette 
  • Double Ball Roulette 

Watch How to Play Live Roulette Casino Online Guides

Watching live game broadcasts or on Youtube channels can provide much-needed insights into the game. You will know what the roulette table looks like, the dealer moves, and the roulette room surroundings. Many Youtube channels have dedicated content on how to play roulette at no cost. You will only need a stable internet connection to browse through various pages, and we can assure you of invaluable content and reviews. 

However, if you are a beginner, we encourage you to learn about the game’s basics before rushing to watch guides and reviews. Most likely, the pros you are watching assume you already know the basics and end up directly spinning the ball. It is your duty to learn how to purchase the chips, the betting options, and the best games, including Roulette77 Malaysia. 

Luckily, from our site, you can learn about this game gradually. Visit our roulette reviews constantly, and we believe you will enjoy our coverage of tips, rules, and procedures on how to play. 

Know the Difference Between Online Live Roulette And Online Video Roulette

If you have played roulette in a physical or regular online casino, you have an idea of what the games look like and the steps leading to a win. However, glaring differences exist between the live and online roulette variants. An active player ought to know the differences as they might have a bearing on the winning frequencies and steps leading to a win. 

To understand the inherent differences, we must look into what separates a live casino and a video casino. The latter is mostly perceived as a webcast of a real casino that blurs the line between reality and virtual reality. A live casino also uses technology systems consisting of multi-angle advanced cameras, Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software, and a Game Control Unit to bring you to live action from a studio-like environment. 

Differences are not only limited to the mode of access. Typically, video roulette depends on an in-game Random Number Generator to determine the winning sequences and numbers. In a Live Roulette game, the setting is different. A player purchases the betting chips and places them on the numbered spots. The live dealer rotates the ball round the table as you follow every game development. 

It is almost real, as you can side-chat other gamblers on the table or the dealer if you have questions or seeking clarification. The feeling is like a physical casino because you can see where the ball stops. There is no algorithm to prompt the stopping of the ball. 

Look at Game Statistics

Gaming experts have developed probability-based mathematical models that you can use to guess the outcome based on previous statistics. The question that beckons is whether the player can predict which number has a better chance of coming next. The fact that the outcome of a spin is purely random further compounds the question. 

Nevertheless, experts posit logical arguments in the ‘Gamblers Fallacy. Essentially, the outcome of a previous spin can potentially affect the next, per this belief. For instance, suppose the ball falls on number 1 (red). It, therefore, follows that the chances of the ball falling on 1 or a red number in the next spin are low. 

Well, some propose this fallacy of looking at the prior stats; critics do not buy the idea. They argue that the randomness of roulette, whether live or video, falsifies the notion. Their arguments are premised on the fact that the next outcome has equal chances of coming out as black, red, or any other number. 

Sometimes Trust Ur Gut Instincts

You know what real gamblers say; gamble what you can afford to lose! This is the spirit of a gambler. Sometimes, you do not need complex thoughts and after-thoughts before predicting your roulette numbers. Just place the chips and let the ball roll. After all, whether you are playing on a table with 37 or 38 numbers, the probability of the ball halting on any spot is significantly equal. 

You can depend on some proposed mathematical approaches, but the outcome is often reflective of the game’s randomness. 

Read on Live Casino Malaysia Online Articles

Our Live Casino Malaysia articles are packed with the ins and outs of all casino games. We welcome you to interact with them and learn the expert’s perspective on live roulette. They are available in easily comprehensible language, and we believe you will have the best time learning the tips. 

They mainly cover the rules you ought to observe, steps to playing different variants, and a highlight of some probability approaches to gambling. The regular updates by members of the online roulette community will offer insightful experiences stemming from first-hand interactions with the game.


How to play Live Casino Roulette Malaysia?

Playing live roulette on Malaysian online casinos is not rocket science. Even beginners will find it easy to place their bets and wait for the outcome. Simply visit any top casinos covered on our site and select live roulette from the live lobby. Select among the many variants, and place your bets on numbers you predict the ball will stop. The dealer will spin the ball, and you win if it falls on your predicted number or numbers. 

Is Live Casino Roulette Malaysia Safe?

Yes, playing online casino live roulette is safe if you play on legit sites. We advise you to stick to the casinos we recommend on our website. This is because well-known and experienced regulators license them; hence the issue of player safety and fairness is well-addressed.

What Is the Most Successful Roulette Strategy?

Experts and experienced players posit various strategies to beat the house with ease. We cannot authoritatively single out the most successful, but you can try your luck with The Martingale System, the D’Alembert system, or The Fibonacci system. These are mathematical-based models which can help guess the next likely outcome. Nevertheless, their applicability is not absolute, given that the Roulette outcome is fairly random. 

Where Can I Watch Live Roulette?

You can watch live Roulette from the live demos featured in casinos like 96Ace, Aw8, BK8, Bet365, and Don99, to mention just a few. Consider visiting various YouTube channels streaming roulette and other top casino games. These will allow you to learn procedures, different bets, and rules. 

What Is the Best Live Roulette?

Live roulette is available in numerous variants. The main ones are the European and American variants. European is considered more friendly because the house edge of 2.7% is comparably favorable given the former’s edge of 5.26%. Besides, creative developers create tailor-made live roulette variants with bespoke and unique characteristics. Roulette77, Speed Roulette, and Lightning Roulette are a few examples. We implore you to navigate the various roulette sections and settle on the one that excites you most in terms of dealer friendliness, ease of access, and studio design. 

How Do You Win Every Roulette Spin?

Your duration at the Roulette table depends on your budget. You can set the number of spinning rounds you want and the maximum wager. This saves you the time and energy of mechanically spinning the ball after each round. 

What Is the Payout for Roulette?

The theoretically expected payout percentage for European Roulette is 97.3%, while that of American Roulette is 94.74%.