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Asia Gaming, also known as AG Gaming or AG, is a prominent privately-owned iGaming company based in the Philippines. Since its establishment in 2012, Asia Gaming has emerged as a leading software gaming provider in Asia, known for its diverse range of casino game offerings that cater to the unique preferences of Asian players. With a strong commitment to delivering an “Impressive Experience Only,” Asia Gaming aims to provide players with a truly exceptional and unparalleled gaming experience that sets them apart from their competitors.

As a specialist in Asian-focused gaming, Asia Gaming excels in understanding the behaviors and preferences of Asian casino players. This expertise allows them to create live casino Malaysia platforms that perfectly capture the essence of Asian gaming culture, making them a top choice for players in the region. Their live casino offerings, including popular games like baccarat, blackjack, and roulette, feature immersive gameplay, professional dealers, and cutting-edge technology to replicate the excitement of a land-based casino.

In addition to their live casino platform, Asia Gaming also offers a diverse selection of other casino games, including a wide array of online slots, video poker games, and eSports. This ensures that players have a comprehensive gaming experience with a variety of options to choose from. Asia Gaming’s dedication to quality and innovation is reflected in their game offerings, which feature stunning graphics, engaging themes, and exciting bonus features.

While Asia Gaming has established a strong presence in the Asian market, they have recently expressed their intentions to expand into the European market. With this expansion, they plan to introduce an expanded range of casino games tailored to suit the preferences of Western players. By combining their expertise in the local iGaming industry with the evolving needs of the European market, Asia Gaming aims to provide a captivating and culturally diverse gaming experience to players worldwide.

Asia Gaming is a distinguished gaming provider that operates with a range of reputable licenses and certifications. Holding gaming licenses from First Cagayan and the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR), as well as a certification from Gaming Laboratory International (GLI), Asia Gaming ensures a secure and fair gaming environment for its players.

Asia Gaming: An iGaming Juggernaut From Asia

While Asia Gaming is widely recognized for its exceptional live gaming platforms, the company’s journey began as a PC-focused gaming platform. However, they quickly adapted to the evolving industry trends and expanded their platform compatibility to include mobile devices. This was achieved by launching their own mobile platform and developing custom apps for both Android and Apple iOS. To ensure seamless mobile gameplay, Asia Gaming utilizes HTML5 technology, which allows players to enjoy their games on the go. Notably, their software is designed to support up to an impressive 36,000 players simultaneously, showcasing their commitment to providing a smooth and immersive gaming experience.

Over the years, Asia Gaming has also ventured into creating their own proprietary live gaming software. With a decade of experience in the industry, the company has gained a reputation for delivering high-quality and cutting-edge products. Their comprehensive gaming solutions are not only affordable but also cater to casinos of all sizes, enabling even smaller establishments to maximize their opportunities in the competitive iGaming market.

As pioneers of new online casino games and platforms, Asia Gaming continuously strives to innovate and stand out from the crowd. They have introduced several groundbreaking inventions that have revolutionized the industry. One of their standout products is their Live Casino Games, which provide players with an authentic casino experience in real-time, right from the comfort of their own homes. Additionally, Asia Gaming offers branded Online Casinos, allowing operators to customize their platforms to align with their brand identity and attract a dedicated player base. Furthermore, their proprietary mobile platform brings the excitement of a casino directly to players’ fingertips, ensuring an immersive and engaging experience whenever they log in.

Asia Gaming offers five distinct types of lobbies that can be featured on their licensee’s platforms, namely AGIN, AGQ, BID, VIP, and Multiplay. Each lobby boasts unique features and a diverse selection of table games for players to enjoy.

AGIN stands out as a customizable live casino software that leverages Asia Gaming’s own cutting-edge technology to provide an incredibly immersive gaming experience for players on their licensee’s platforms. Malaysian players, for instance, can expect a wide range of live dice and card games within the AGIN lobby, including popular titles like Baccarat, Sic Bo, Roulette, Bull Bull, and Dragon Tiger. Every live dealer game is facilitated by professional dealers who possess extensive experience in managing diverse game portfolios.

A notable feature offered by Asia Gaming is the “Wait for my Feature,” which grants players the freedom to personalize their gameplay experience. They can squeeze cards, choose different games, change the dealer, and even adjust the game rhythm according to their preferences. This level of control enhances player engagement and allows for a more tailored and enjoyable gaming session.

Asia Gaming has consistently pushed the boundaries of iGaming innovation, introducing groundbreaking features that have set new industry standards. They are credited with creating the world’s first “Pre-dealing 6 cards,” a unique gameplay mechanic that adds an extra layer of excitement to card games. Additionally, they pioneered the “VIP Private Room,” offering an exclusive and luxurious gaming environment for high-rolling players. Other notable innovations include the “Squeeze Baccarat,” which enhances the suspense of the game through card squeezing actions, and the “Interactive Bid Baccarat,” a dynamic and interactive variant that captivates players with its engaging gameplay elements.

Customizing Gaming to Fit a Gaming Company's Niche

Asia Gaming also provides a range of branded casino solutions, catering to the specific requirements of potential casino operators. This professional service allows operators to fully customize their online casinos according to their preferences and needs. Asia Gaming offers a variety of customizable options, ensuring that operators can create a unique and personalized gaming experience for their players.

Some of the notable features and services provided in their branded casino offering include:

Professional Dealers from Asia

Asia Gaming boasts a team of exceptionally skilled and attractive dealers from all over Asia who excel in providing top-notch customer support and running casino tables seamlessly. These dealers are not only visually appealing but also highly trained to meet the needs and expectations of the licensees’ casino players. They possess a remarkable ability to maintain a high level of attentiveness and professionalism while ensuring a smooth gaming experience at the tables.

With their expertise, the dealers create an engaging and immersive environment that keeps players captivated and entertained throughout their gameplay.

Whether it’s addressing inquiries, resolving issues, or efficiently managing the flow of the game, Asia Gaming’s dealers demonstrate their proficiency in multitasking, ensuring uninterrupted gameplay while offering exceptional customer support. Their presence adds an extra layer of excitement and authenticity to the gaming experience, enhancing player satisfaction and contributing to the overall success of the licensee’s online casino.

Customizable Game Table Backdrop & Materials

Asia Gaming provides a high level of customization within their casino studio, allowing licensees to tailor the tables to align with their brand aesthetics. This customization extends to the table background, where a physical logo backdrop can be seamlessly integrated behind the table, creating a cohesive visual representation of the licensee’s brand.

Additionally, licensees have the flexibility to incorporate other promotional materials that align with their brand identity, ensuring a consistent and immersive experience for players. By offering this level of customization, Asia Gaming enables licensees to create a unique and branded environment within the casino studio, further enhancing their brand recognition and establishing a strong presence in the online gaming industry.

Custom Hall Icons

In addition, Asia Gaming offers a distinctive feature that allows licensees to add their unique hall icon when initiating a game. This customization option enables licensees to differentiate their table game halls from the standard ones, adding a personalized touch that sets them apart in the online gaming landscape.

By incorporating their own hall icon, licensees can enhance their brand recognition and create a more memorable and immersive gaming experience for their players. This feature not only adds a visual element of uniqueness but also serves as a powerful marketing tool, reinforcing the licensee’s identity and attracting players to their exclusive gaming environment. With Asia Gaming’s commitment to providing customizable solutions, licensees have the freedom to create a distinct and recognizable presence in the online gaming industry.

Extensive Selection of Games

Asia Gaming takes pride in its extensive collection of casino games, catering to the diverse preferences of players and allowing operators to curate a game portfolio tailored to their target market. Using Asia Gaming’s diverse game selection, operators have the flexibility to curate their game portfolio and adapt to the preferences of their target audience. 

Whether players seek the immersive experience of live dealer games, the thrill of spinning the reels on online slots, the strategic gameplay of video poker, or the excitement of eSports, Asia Gaming delivers a comprehensive suite of gaming options to meet the demands of the ever-evolving iGaming industry.

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Asia Gaming Table Games/Live Dealer Games

Live Dealer Games

In conclusion, Gameplay Interactive is an established iGaming provider with a focus on delivering innovative and diversified gaming solutions to the Asian market and beyond. With a diverse game portfolio, an emphasis on live dealer games, and HTML 5 integration, Gameplay Interactive is well-positioned to continue growing and expanding its presence in the global iGaming market.

Video Poker

For players who enjoy the strategic elements of poker, Asia Gaming offers a selection of Asia’s best video poker games. These games combine the thrill of poker with the convenience and accessibility of online gaming. Players can test their skills and make strategic decisions as they aim to achieve winning hands and secure generous payouts.

Asia Gaming: Experience The Best Asian iGaming Company | Conclusion

Asia Gaming stands as a reputable and dynamic software gaming provider, delivering impressive gaming experiences tailored to Asian players while also making strides towards expanding their offerings globally.

With their commitment to innovation, understanding of player preferences, and dedication to exceptional quality, Asia Gaming continues to solidify its position as a leader in the iGaming industry.